Our Story

     Al Waha for Training and Technical Studies (WET) was established in 1992 as a model educational and training educational company. The idea came from the sense of social responsibility to build the Fezzan region in the city of Sabha to contribute to the process of building and comprehensive development aimed at the advancement of the Libyan society as a whole and the South in particular, especially in the face of the challenges and requirements of the twenty-first century and meet the requirements of the future by expanding the base of work and development.

  • Our Start

         In 1992, Al Waha Technology was opened with simple facilities consisting of a reception desk, a management office, one classroom, a lounge and a coffee shop for students and staff.

  • The first summer educational program

         In 1992, the first summer program was opened for middle and high school students. After that, the computer lab was opened, English language courses opened, the software lab was opened, and a sophisticated software device was imported.


         In 1993, several new sections were opened including the Printing and Publishing Section, the opening of the Office of Planning and Studies and Development, the opening of the Maintenance Department, the opening of the meeting hall, the opening of the Oasis Oasis for Business, the opening of the Office of Operation and Software and the opening of the Legal Translation Office.

  • Contracting of the Expert Group

         In 1993, the first foreign English language specialist team from Canada was hired to approve the CAN TEST in assessing the level of English students at the Faculty of Arts and Education and others for the purpose of completing their studies outside Libya.

  • The beginning of our successes

         In 1994, the second group of Canadian experts and professors were hired to teach English at the Oasis Foundation and to graduate the first batch of computer graduates for specialized training courses. The movement’s division was also established in the Oasis Foundation and the provision of Al Waha vehicles to transport its students and employees.

         In 1994 – 1995, the company started its first year through kindergarten and first and second grades of primary education. In the light of the high
    performance rates and quality of services provided, the company has striven to meet the growing demand for private education with the availability of necessary facilities and been able in its second year, to open the rest grades of (elementary phase of the primary education) from the first grade to the sixth grade. In order to raise the level of education in the region and contribute to meet its needs, Alwaha was able in the year 1996-1997, to complete the primary education classes (preparatory school phase) from the seventh to the ninth.

         The year 2000 – 2001 witnessed the beginning of foundation phase for Secondary education, where was the opening of the first secondary grade, in 2002 – 2003, Alwaha completed secondary education grades. Today, our graduate students are studying in various higher education disciplines.

         In 2002 – 2003, the state decided to change the trends and attitudes of the educational map for the secondary education phase. Those changes were accomplished through the abolition of public high schools, and in the stand the development of specialized secondary schools. To keep up with this qualitative change to a secondary, Alwaha opened life sciences, as a contribution to the establishment of the scientific base to be available to students who wish to be able to access to medical colleges and higher institutes of nursing by this specialized secondary.

         In the academic year 2004 – 2005, Alwaha was the forerunner to open economic sciences secondary due to the community needs of administrators, accountants and economists, and specialists in the field of business management, who would be able to cope with the changes and scientific and technological developments. Especially those changes related to information and communication technology, and be aware of the economic trends and ideas that emerged from globalization, which has become the main interface of this millennium.

         In an interaction with the accelerated pace of economic, social and technological change taking place in the manifestations and patterns of life, within the Libyan community in particular and the Arab world in general, which requires a constant political and institutional adaptation, to meet the new needs of knowledge, abilities and skills, in order to achieve full employment that would be able to contribute to the making of strategic goals of the community, monitoring and analysis the external environment, and supervising the internal processes and measuring the efficiency of its institutions and executive mechanisms, including helping to increase production capacity. The company began also to invest in vocational training, in order to meet the labour market requirements through designing training programs with international standards, with the objective of developing human resources and improving human performance to get its excellence, through increasing its efficiency to reach efficiency required by the job market, and be prepared to face all the technological, informatics, and scientific changes. To achieve this, we relied on many types of training methods, workshops and were keen to work on increasing human capabilities and energies and understanding the training needs of the job in which it operates.

         To adopt this approach or orientation, within this framework, the company has directed its training program specifically for students who sent to study abroad to complete their higher studies, and employees of government agencies and institutions from public companies and banks, through preparation and implementation of training programs in all fields, starting from the use of the computer to learn foreign languages, and modern administrative, and financial science.


Our educational program

Kindergarten education
Kindergarten educationAlwaha School
The Kindergarten Years Program is based on respect for the child for directing independence, self-sufficiency, automatic discipline and being an individual who is aware of the rights and feelings of others.
Elementary education
Elementary educationAlwaha School
Innovative education allow students to develop strong academic skills that set them up for success. We believes that high quality primary education is key to helping youth and engaged in learning.
Secondary education
Secondary educationAlwaha School
Our middle School students are prepared to become upstanding learners and active community members, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in there future environment.
Kindergarten students
Elementary students
Secondary students


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