Admission and Registration System


     Admission and Registration Department A key interface for Al Waha Education and Training Schools is to welcome parents and children who wish to attend school.

     Parents can call the department at 0944877307 to inquire about registration and its mechanisms. Parents who wish to attend can also meet with the principals and supervisors of the educational stages or the Admissions and Registration Officer for further explanation of the school programs or visit the school website

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Procedures and acceptance criteria

Admission Procedures:

  1. Applications for admission to the school for the new year are submitted to the admission and registration unit at the institution’s premises located in Al-Qarada (near social security buildings) three weeks before the beginning of the first semester. This can continue if the first week of the study is available in the new year.
  2. The guardian shall submit the application for registration in full compliance with the required reasons and record the date of the application after it is delivered to the registration department of the institution.
  3. The student submits the interview or test on the date determined by the admission and registration unit after coordination with the scientific affairs unit of the institution where the parents are contacted to inform them.
  4. The admissions committee shall decide within two days from the end of the test whether or not the student will accept the registration.
  5. Students are not officially registered unless the required fees are paid.

Acceptance criteria:

  1. Of the conditions for admission to the school kindergarten must be at least three years of age and not more than five and a half years at the start of the school year.
  2. Of the conditions of admission in the first grade of the primary age must not be less than the age set by the Ministry of Education and often five years and nine months at the start of the academic year.
  3. Schools do not accept any student (s) in his class.
  4. The Admissions Committee, composed of the Director General and the Director of the stage, shall decide whether or not the student will be admitted, as follows:
  5. Provide the place in the class that the student wishes to enroll in.
  6. The student’s result in the interview and the test.
  7. The opportunity is given to the children of the school staff if the place and conditions are available.
  8. Priority is given to students who have siblings in schools.
  9. The rest of the applications are considered according to the submission date and the results of the interview and the test.

Interview and test:

  1. Kindergarten and preschool: The child is interviewed by the Kindergarten Department to ascertain his / her abilities and suitability for the program.
  2. The first and second primary: The child is interviewed by the director of the stage to ascertain his abilities and his knowledge of the skills of Arabic, English and mathematics.
  3. 3rd to 9th: Interviewed and tested in Mathematics, English and Computer.

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Provisions, controls and guidelines governing the educational process:

1. Al Waha Education and Training Foundation works to:

  • Ensure that education is received from qualified teachers.
  • Access to books, curricula and tools for early learning.
  • Health and social care for immunization and awareness of diseases, and access to first aid.
  • Ensuring security and tranquility for students by protecting them from violence and deviating in any form from coordination and cooperation between the school and the family.

2. The student must adhere to the following:

  • Daily attendance.
  • Respect the rules and regulations prescribed in the school.
  • Respect teachers, school staff, and colleagues.
  • Preserve the school building and all its contents, tools, equipment and equipment and not tamper with or destroy them, including all the accessories of the institution.
  • Preserving school traditions and instructions and not appearing in a manner contrary to the traditions and ethics of society.
  • Integration into the social life of the institution by joining the groups of activity determined according to the school systems.
  • Not using or possessing any of the tools of violence within the institution or possessing narcotic or narcotic substances or any material that facilitates the commission of offenses.
  • Non-smoking inside school.
  • Non-use of non-necessary equipment in the educational process during classes.

3. Rules and means of student reform:
The student behavior improvement system includes the following methods:

a. The stimulus includes:

  • Assigning prizes and certificates of appreciation to students who are distinguished scientifically and morally.
  • Preparing a plaque of names of outstanding students in different fields and those with good behavior.
  • Praise the good behavior and work to highlight it inside and outside the school.
  • Guidance and guidance.

B. The penalty includes:

  • Discount of behavior scores.
  • Suspension from study for a specified period.
  • Separation from study.

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Violations and punishment

It is a violation of all acts committed by the student as follows:

1. Attacks on teachers, employees and students at the school or their property include:

  • Beatings – swearing – threatening.
  • Insult in any way.
  • Disobeying orders.
  • Try to bribe employees.
  • Destruction or destruction of the property of teachers, school personnel, students or others connected to the school.
  • To commit any acts against a teacher or school staff in order to prevent him from performing his duties or carrying out his duties.

     The assault is committed even if it is outside the school for teachers as well as other workers and students if it is due to disagreements or related procedures.

2. Attacks on the school building or the funds and its facilities includes:

  • Destruction or destruction of tools, equipment and teaching aids.
  • The use of buildings, facilities or teaching aids without permission or in contravention of the permission issued by them.
  • The theft or seizure of funds, tools, equipment, books and other property of the school.
  • Not to return what was handed to the student by way of custody, trust or loan.
  • Intentionally disable any hardware, tools or furniture.

     The guardian is obliged to repair the damage that he or she is liable to at the time, and the commitment to a written undertaking is kept in the student file. The school administration may withhold the student’s outcome until the repair of the damage has been completed.

3. Violation of the study system and includes the following:

  • Disrupting the educational process.
  • The default performance of assignments is assigned.
  • Delay from the start of the school day or failure to follow up the prescribed quotas without an acceptable excuse.
  • Exit school during class.
  • Absence for three consecutive days without acceptable excuse.
  • Using the mobile phone in the classroom.

4. Behavior contrary to the true creation includes:

  • Anything that would offend the school.
  • Breach of school uniform and appearance in a manner contrary to public taste or public morals such as wearing inappropriate clothing for
  • decency or over-adornment.
  • Anything that violates morals and ethics.
  • The infractions mentioned in this item are not limited to, and are considered as a form of violation of anything contrary to the origins of the study and educational traditions.

5. Acts against honor and public security include:

  • Possession or use of drugs and liquors or dealing in any form.
  • Possession of any instrument that may be used in acts of violence or facilitating the commission of the offenses stipulated in these Regulations.
  • Trade, distribute or display obscene objects and images.
  • Any violation of public honor and security in accordance with the laws and regulations in force.
  • Incitement to extremism, terrorism or advocacy of intolerance.

Means of intimidation are used according to the following:

  • Advice – guidance – guidance.
  • Inviting the guardian to participate in the treatment, and taking the necessary commitments to both the student and his guardian when it was feasible and necessary.
  • Referral to the social worker to follow the behavior of students to ensure the usefulness of paragraphs (a, b) the previous two.
  • Two degrees of behavior shall be deducted when the student commits one of the offenses stipulated in paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (e) of section (3) concerning violations.
  • (B), (c), (d) and (e) of item (1), paragraph (f) of item (3) and paragraph (c) of item (4) and paragraphs (c) D, e) of section (5) relating to irregularities.
  • 10 marks shall be deducted from the commission of any of the offenses stipulated in paragraph (d) of item (3) and paragraphs (a) and (b) of item (4) relating to violations.
  • The student shall be suspended for one week at the time of committing any of the offenses stipulated in paragraphs (a) and (f) of item (1) and paragraph (e) of item (2) concerning violations.
  • The student is suspended for a semester when he repeats one of the violations mentioned in the previous paragraph (g), or the violation stipulated in paragraphs (a) and (b) of item (5) regarding violations.
  • The student shall be suspended for one academic year unless the subject of the violation is settled if the student commits any of the offenses stipulated in paragraphs (a), (b), (c) and (d) of clause (2).

     If the matter is only a matter of reconciliation and reparation, the student will be given a lighter penalty at the discretion of the principal.

     The student and the guardian shall have the right to appeal against the penalties imposed by the Disciplinary Board of the Education Office in the region within 60 days from the date of becoming aware of the decision.

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